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Before the Internet age was introduced, the average teen or college student looking for a job had few choices such as babysitting, waiting tables, life guarding, caddying and the normal (not to mention boring) employment opportunities that are available to the youth. These opportunities, while still available today, represent only a small portion of the options that are available to young adults today. The Internet has opened up an entirely new world, filled with opportunity, promise, and ways for teens to make money online. If done correctly, you can make thousands of dollars each month on the Internet using safe and legitimate methods. On this blog I will show you how to make money online as a teen or college student and also various financial practices like saving and investing and the importance of them. To get started scroll down or click on one of the categories found above! You can learn about various Online Money Making Methods for Teens, Internet Marketing Tips, Proof of Payments, Reviews and Saving/Investing Tips for Teens!

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Best Ways to Start Earning Money Online Now as a Teen in 2016:

Legit Paid Online Surveys ($17 50% off)- If you are dead serious about making money online as a teen, then I highly suggest you check out Legit Paid Online Surveys. I recently discovered this e-book (November 2015) and highly recommend it. Legit Paid Online Surveys offers you access to 450 paid online survey sites that pay you for your opinion. So far, I have made $600 since purchasing this e-book for $17. Check out Legit Paid Online Surveys today and make some real money! Join LEGIT PAID ONLINE SURVEYS.

CASHCRATE (100% FREE)- CashCrate is a online survey site that pays its users to fill out free surveys, play games and complete offers. You only need to be 13 years old to join and you receive checks every month you reach the minimum payout. They have been around for nearly 10 years and have paid out almost $10 million. I have made over $3,000 since joining when I too was a teen. It remains to be one of the best ways for teens to make money online. Check them out now! JOIN CASHCRATE


SwagBucks (100% FREE)- SwagBucks is an extremely effective way to earn gift cards and prizes online as a teen. I have made nearly $1000 in Amazon gift cards since joining the website in 2011. You can earn by using their search engine, filling out surveys, watching videos and answering daily poll questions. Since launching the website in 2008, SwagBucks has paid out over $45 MILLION in rewards and has been showcased on many major news networks.  JOIN SWAGBUCKS 

Survey Savvy (100% FREE)- Survey Savvy is very similar to CashCrate in terms of completing surveys and filling out offers for money. It's a great way for teens to make money online and like CashCrate, you do not need to have a credit card to start earning right now. They usually send you up to 10 surveys a month paying anywhere from $5-$15 per survey. JOIN SURVEY SAVVY